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Hongyu Seiko Machining " Auto Parts Co.,Ltd, located in the Automobile Parts Industry Base of China, Guangzhou Country, Guangdong Province, is an auto parts enterprise of production and sales, as well as a channel of introduction all kinds of auto parts from Guangzhou enterprises to the outside. We have been doing the auto parts business from the year 1993 until now, and have got the self-support import and export system from 2003. All the staff here are always pursuing an outstanding management philosophy and special managemeng mode, which are of belief and support from customers both from domestic and abroad. 
       With the convenient geography, we have hundreds of fixed outsource suppliers produce various of well-qualified auto parts for exportion. In order to exploit global market and prompt development, We sincerely expect customers come for a blooming business for both of us. "



Phone: 13570289910

Tel: 13570289910


Add: 廣州市白云區白云大道北113號

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