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Vehicle Wraps


Here at 3D WRAPZ, we pride ourself on providing quality wraps and quality customer service.  We service a variety of cliental from consumer to commerical. If you need advertisement for your business or a new look for your car we can take care of you. In this industry so many people don't know where to get started, from designing and color scheme, graphic designing and wrapping, to content of your vehicle, we do it all here at 3D WRAPZ. This is our focus but we do service customers who have other needs like custom banners, business cards, and decals and stickers. 

What we offer.

  1. Full Vehicle Wrap: Color change/ Graphic wrap
  2. Accents/ Partial Wraps
  3. Racing Stripes
  4. Wall Graphics
  5. Banners/ Business Cards 
  6. Decals and stickers

Benefits of a Wrap

    Getting 2 or more cars of the same design will boost your business. Lets say you have 5 cars and you want to get them all wrapped the best thing to do is wrap them exactly with the same design, since the graphics stay the same it will make sure to give your potential customer the knowledge of your business. Just like when your driving down the freeway and you see the same billboard over and over, that will eventually record in your mind and when you need that service that will be the first business that pops in to your mind. You will save on that costly monthly fee you have to pay to have your business on a billboard every single month. On vehicle you only pay it once and you can enjoy thousands of impressions per day and get even more business out of your advertisement. 3DWRAPZ will help you achieve that custom look for your vehicle we will make you stand out from the competition and get you more customers with our award winning designs and beautiful vibrant wraps.

 Get noticed today make the right choice for your company and get your self a stunning boost for your business. Or if you simply want to get the latest custom look to your car we can also help you look good buy adding flames or stripes or a custom design that you always wanted for your ride. Start your campaign in style and with a great impact to your customers.