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Vinyl car wraps are completely customized. You can literally order any design, which allows your company to display its logo and any other relevant information that you would like to include. Unlike painting, you have the chance to see the completed project before it is done with a 3D rendering. You can inspect the printed vinyl before installation, giving you a chance to make any last minute revisions.

3DWRAPZ can Wrap any vehicle it doesn’t matter the age the shape, we can do it. Vehicle Wraps are a smart way of advertising. You can advertise where ever you go either your stuck in traffic or simply going to dinner. The potential of advertising you can get from a car wrap is incredible!. We had customers say to us on the first week of having their Car Wraps done it boosted sales. Why spend thousands a month for a billboard when you can have the same amount of people viewing you driving around for a fraction of the price and you only pay it once.

3DWRAPZ offers many advantages for Cars. Here is a list:

  • Vehicle Decals
  • Car Graphics
  • Racing Stripes
  • Vehicle flames 
  • Truck Flames 
  • Car lettering
  • Car Logos
  • Full Vehicle Wrap
  • Automobile Decals
  • Truck Rear Wraps
  • Window Lettering